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Re: [eclipselink-users] LOB streaming

I filed an enhancement request:

For now I will go with the direct-JDBC approach.

Since we got a JavaSE application I still have to find out how to couple
the JPA store and the JDBC store in one transaction. But that's another

Thanks for the information,

> Please log an enhancement request for this.
> You might be able to map the blob using a Converter in EclipseLink, and
> convert the JDBC Blob to a Reader of some sort.  You will also need to
> ensure you use exclusive connections on your EclipseLink session to hold
> JDBC connection for the duration of the EntityManager.
> But, given the size of the blobs, processing them directly in JDBC may be
> the best way to go.
> stefan.reinhold wrote:
> >
> >
> > Hi there,
> >
> > I've got large BLOBs (around 100 MB) that I don't want to hold in
> > completely. Using the @Lob annotation is allowed on a byte array only.
> > Is there a feature like OpenJPA's LOB streaming
> > (
> ref_guide_mapping_jpa.html#ref_guide_streamsupport)
> >  in EclipseLink, too?
> >
> > I didn't find anything and suspect I have to implement the BLOB
> > persistence
> > completely myself.
> >
> > Kind regards,
> > Stefan

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