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Re: [eclipselink-users] Serious bug in EclipseLink sequencepre-allocation

Hello Bernard,

EclipseLink still allows access to lazy relationships if the context is still available., the same as in TLE. Can you give more details on what you are referring to and if serialization is involved? Could this be related to bug 237358? If it is the issue in 237358 note that TLE would eagerly fetch all non-relationships; the solution is to make them eager to get the TLE behavior until EclpseLink can allow initializing lazy attributes outside the context like it does relationships.

bht@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I noticed a difference between TopLink Essentials and EclipseLink.
Outside a session bean method of a transaction scoped Entitymanager,
TopLink Essentials would retrieve lazily fetched properties, leading
to traceable database calls. That does not work in EclipseLink.

Can I just forget about this "feature" or is there a supported method
of fetching this way (read only of course). I understand this sounds a
bit messy, because it may cause resource leak issues, but I am asking
because it DID work.

Many thanks,

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