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RE: [eclipselink-users] EclipseLink JpaEntityManager with JBoss Seam

djclarke wrote:
> Mathias,
> I searched as well and could not find this in the documentation or
> JavaDocs. I will file a bug to get this addressed.
> Here is a simple example of using a SessionEventListener with
> postCacaluclateUnitOfWorkChanges. The 'magic' is in the fact that the
> change-set is available as a property of the event passed in:

Thanks Doug - I had the same problem and this solved it.  

I'm curious: if we're doing this as a means of auditing changes to an entity
(i.e., I want to insert a row into a generic audit table whenever a new
entity is persisted or an existing entity is updated) should we continue to
use the postCalculateUnitOfWorkChangeSet event as you did in your example or
could we also use the postCommitUnitOfWork event? 

Also, are there any other properties (like "UnitOfWorkChangeSet" that we
could get from the SessionEvent passed to these SessionEventListener

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