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[eclipselink-users] SUM in HAVING clause


i just downloaded the new eclipselinks 1.0. afaik it's based on oracle toplink and it still has problems with SUM in the HAVING clause.

the following query:

select new ch.brj.ekv.type.KaufShort(, k.datum,, SUM(p.betrag))
from Kauf k, in(k.posten) p
where k.datum between :datVon and :datBis
group by, k.datum,
having SUM(p.betrag) between :betrVon and :betrBis
order by k.datum asc

results in an error with this message:

"The HAVING clause must specify search conditions over the grouping items or aggregate functions that apply to grouping items."

the only item i use in the having-clause is the aggregate SUM(p.betrag).
could you please tell me what's wrong here ? does it violate the JPQL spec ?

btw this query works with hibernate.


ps: i have posted the same question in the oracle toplink forums in 2006 and 2007 (google for toplink having sum)

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