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Re: [eclipselink-users] EclipseLink X OC4J - server or application based library

Kevin and Michael, thank you very much for the advices!

I still have some weeks until the next deployment in the production server. I´m also trying to discover how to deploy the application using an application defined shared library. I´ll post back in the list the step-by-step if I could find a solution before you.



On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 12:16 PM, Michael O'Brien <michael.obrien@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    Thank you
    You bring up a very good point.  There may be occasions where a library API jar may need to be distributed with the EAR or WAR on a server - if modifying or adding a different version of the shared library on the server is not possible or testing eclipseLink without access to your own server.  I can also see this come up where an org uses a single server for both production and staging - this is not a good development practice though.
    Normally it is not recommended that EclipseLink is distributed with the application for reasons discussed on each of the quickstart wiki pages below.  All the servers on the JPA Web tutorial pages detail a server based approach - usually so that the EclipseLink API appears in the proper height in the classLoader tree.  We should give an answer for each server whether it is required or recommended though.

    In order to help out any users of EclipseLink that are temp unable to follow standard server library deployment procedures, I will checkout a procedure for an application defined eclipselink library - if it is possible and update the tutorials with the details either way.

    thank you

Kevin Yuan wrote:
Yes, you have to copy eclipselink.jar to OC4J's shared library (OC4J_HOME/j2ee/home/applib) because (by default) the persistence provider is toplink-essentials (not eclipselink).


Loreno Oliveira wrote:
Hi there,

according to the tutorial at I should copy the eclipselink.jar library into the OC4J´s shared libraries directory. 

Is this a need or just a suggestion? I mean, when I remove eclipselink.jar from the shared directory and deploy it along with my application I get strange errors which avoid my application of being deployed.

I´m asking that because in my organization there are some boring bureaucracy for changing things in the production server. It would be better if we didn´t need to rely so much on support people for changing things in the server for deploying our application.



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