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[eclipselink-users] RCP and Eclipse Link (again)

I read an very nice article

but there is a phrase like :

"Common Gotcha - sharing Entities ..................."

"This isn't as much of a deal breaker as it sounds at first, you just have
to violate DRY for Entity Classes, which aren't all that interesting in the
first place. There's nothing stopping you from defining common interfaces or
Abstract classes that entities from multiple bundles share."
1 )Can someone explain this in more detail ,maybe just a short example plz ?
I want to build a modular application : 

2)So i have to put all entities in one module ?
3)Or is possible a configuration like this ? :
base ,security module (user entities)
partner module  depends on base
products module depends on base
invoice module depneds on base,partener,products
 And i saw a gigantic post related to osgi rcp ,hooking ,waving
i need to read all those post in order to create a rcp ,eclipselink
applicaiton ? 

There are missing things from that article covered in this older posts ?


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