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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Unification of line endings in the codebase


since all were for LF, I went ahead and prepared the patch, everything is attached in

What has been covered:
-all files except of *.cmd were converted to unix format (LF)
-99% of tabs has been replaced by 4 spaces - 1% are moxy specific test files
-trailing whitespaces has been removed in 99% cases, again some had to stay due to moxy tests
-copyright year has been updated to 2015 in all files

as for code reformatting - I haven't found simple way to run checkstyle and set up everything around it, so I'd prefer to not do that as part of this, it can be done incrementally during the time

If there will be no comments and/or no one will disagree with this change as is, I'll apply it to master as soon as the review request in the bug gets at least 2 '+'.


On 3/18/15 9:48 AM, Lukas Jungmann wrote:
Hi all,

currently eclipselink sources contains mix of line endings - some files are using *nix style (LF), some win style (CRLF) and the rest is a mix of *nix and win style (some lines end with LF while others with CRLF). Since we are at the beginning of 2.7 development it looks like a good time to me to unify line endings in our codebase to avoid complete rewrites of files in the future.

Why we should do that?
-make it easier to review incoming as well as own (outgoing) changes
-avoid noise in git log
-use as a guide to properly set up local development environment

-one-time full rewrite of some files in the repository
-some backports to previous streams will require manual changes/merges

if there will be an agreement, I'd like to perform the change next week, on Friday March 27, 2015

Which line endings should be used?
  either *nix or win but definitely not a mix of them in one file

How to cast your vote?
simply reply to this email with either '+LF', '+CRLF' or 'Leave it as it is' by Thursday March 28, 23:59.

Thanks and happy voting,
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