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[eclipselink-dev] Unification of line endings in the codebase

Hi all,

currently eclipselink sources contains mix of line endings - some files are using *nix style (LF), some win style (CRLF) and the rest is a mix of *nix and win style (some lines end with LF while others with CRLF). Since we are at the beginning of 2.7 development it looks like a good time to me to unify line endings in our codebase to avoid complete rewrites of files in the future.

Why we should do that?
-make it easier to review incoming as well as own (outgoing) changes
-avoid noise in git log
-use as a guide to properly set up local development environment

-one-time full rewrite of some files in the repository
-some backports to previous streams will require manual changes/merges

if there will be an agreement, I'd like to perform the change next week, on Friday March 27, 2015

Which line endings should be used?
  either *nix or win but definitely not a mix of them in one file

How to cast your vote?
simply reply to this email with either '+LF', '+CRLF' or 'Leave it as it is' by Thursday March 28, 23:59.

Thanks and happy voting,

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