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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Some server test apps can't be deployed on glassfish v3

There are three things you can check up:

1. if you have "ejb.lookup=false" or the property is commented out in
2. if you have "is.JTA=true" in
3. check to see if you have "TestRunner[1...5]" under jpa\eclipselink.jpa.test\src\org\eclipse\persistence\testing\framework\server, if you have, try to remove those files

If the above three things are good and the problem is still there, you need to reinstall GlassFish V3, I met this kind of problem, somehow the server is corrupted.


On 08/11/2010 7:30 AM, Heider, Sabine wrote:
Hi all,
I’ve got yet another question on running the server tests against a glassfish v3 server.
I’m now in the situation that I can principally run the server tests, but many tests suites fail entirely because the test application can’t be deployed. I get errors like
“Could not resolve a persistence unit corresponding to the persistence-unit-ref-name [org.eclipse.persistence.testing.framework.server.TestRunnerBean/entityManagerFactory] in scope of the module called [eclipselink-cascadedeletes-model#eclipselink-cascadedeletes-model_ejb.jar]. Please verify your application.”
All in all, I have around 520 errors, and around 400 of them are caused by this issue. Any idea what’s wrong here?
I played a bit around with one of the apps and found out that I can deploy it if I change the persistence unit name from whatever it is to “default” in both the persistence.xml file and the ejb-jar.xml - but I don’t really understand why that works and what the actual problem is.
The remaining errors are different, and my question here is: Do you ever get error-free server test runs on glassfish, or is there a list of tests that are known to be failing (for whatever reasons)?
Thanks for your help and best regards,
Sabine Heider

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