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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Dependency updates on 2.1.0

Hi Eric,

Did you update the jaxb-compiler.cmd (sh), sdo-compiler.cmd (sh), and sdo-jaxb-compiler.cmd (sh) scripts to point to the new jars?


On 2010-06-07, at 5:23 PM, Eric Gwin <eric.gwin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We had a request to update the activation jar we are using to the "approved" Orbit build for Helios. Testing showed there were no issues, and since it is the required build, we've chosen to update. I merged the transaction that changed all the buildfiles to the new version of the jar (javax.activation_1.1.0.v201005080500.jar), but I'm not certain that the eclipse build files are correct - though my searches turned up no references.

We also discovered that there are new "builds" of mail, javax.xml.bind, and Since Peter feels it is likely we will also need to update to these jars, and after being assured that our tests will better certify these changes than the TCK, I've also updated to these builds:

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