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[eclipselink-dev] RC4 Candidate Builds...


After all the transactions went in and the last cb ran, I kicked off another build in hopes of getting early confirmation of a clean build. Instead the build reported two test errors (1 jpa, and 1 sdo). The sdo error looked like the same intermittent issue we've been seeing (forked vm exited abnormally), but I'd never seen the jpa error before (Internal Exception: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLTimeoutException). In hopes the jpa error was also an intermittent timing/server issue rather than a product issue I edited a comment in autobuild (to force a rebuild) and let a new build run this morning.

Results: the jpa and sdo failures went away, but we now have the intermittent wdf failure (731 test run, instead of 816). If we take the two builds together we had a clean run.

Therefore, based upon previous discussions, I'm expecting to proceed with RC4 on this morning's build unless I hear otherwise.

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