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[eclipselink-dev] SVN main commit: Bug#288383 - Spring platform test support

SVN main commit: Bug#288383 - Spring platform test support


- Adds support for running any JPA test on the Spring platform

- Added JPA test framework server platform for Spring

- Added, build, config files and test persistence.xml for Spring testing

- Added system property to set test server platform.

- Some JPA test fixes for serverifacation.

- Added SQLResultSetMappingTestSuite back to server tests (and fixed deadlock issue)


Any of the JPA tests should be able to run with Spring now.  You need to set the test server platform system property and add spring to the class path (is a run target in the spring test project).

The advanced and field-access tests should all pass except a single legitimate failure.  Weaving is currently disabled because of Spring issues in weaving org.eclipse.persistence classes.

Other test models will need there own config files.


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