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[eclipselink-dev] questions while running JPA JUnit tests

Hi Tom,

I have a few more questions:

1. Relation UNIQUE and primary keys
   In DatabasePlatform we have the following method implementation:

    protected void printFieldUnique(Writer writer) throws IOException {
        if (supportsPrimaryKeyConstraint()) {
            writer.write(" UNIQUE");

   Why does it check supportsPrimaryKeyConstraint() and not

2. Check-in:  bug 289019, bug 289020, bug 289021 and bug 289023
   You merged the patches into one and marked the bugs as fixed. Have
you committed the patch? I couldn't find it in trunk.

   Symfoware does not support (INNER) JOIN syntax.
   "JOIN" is used in SQLSelectStatement twice, at least one of which is
used when using a self-referencing many to many relationship and
performing a (JPQL) LEFT OUTER JOIN query. I can prevent the syntax
error by replacing the inner join by a left outer join for Symfoware,
but I'm worried that might select too many rows. I suppose a better
solution is to compare join keys in the where clause. What do you think?
Do you happen to know an easy way to do that (using existing code)? If
not, never mind, I'll do some more research myself.

4. Patches.
   On top of the modifications in 2., I have made a number of changes to
core code and JUnit tests to make it possible to run the tests for the
Symfoware platform. Some are fixes of bugs in core code and JUnit tests,
many are just to allow JUnit tests to run on Symfoware too (as opposed
to skipping them). Can I make just a single patch file and attach it to
the Symfoware platform bug or do I need to break them up per issue I
encountered and separate them over different bug reports?


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