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RE: [eclipselink-dev] Re: [IMPORTANT] Workspace changes - Get dependencies from Orbit (part 2)

All attempts to connect to CVS repository failed ->

Looks like my organization network firewall doesn't like it.

I can access without problem EclipseLink Subversion repository.

What are the workarounds? Can we stick to just one version of source
control? All CVS or all Subversion?

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Subject: [eclipselink-dev] Re: [IMPORTANT] Workspace changes - Get
dependencies from Orbit (part 2)

The 1.1 stream has now been updated as well.

Tom Ware wrote:
> Hi All,
>   As the 2nd phase of the changes below, the projects listed below
> been removed from our trunk SVN repository.  The 1.1.0 repository will

> be updated as soon as our 1.1.2 stream opens for check-ins.
>   Additionally, javax.persistence 1.0.0 and commonj.sdo 2.1.1 are 
> available in orbit and removed from our SVN repository.
>   If you have an existing view, it will continue to work until we
> any of the dependencies.  Even so, I strongly suggest moving to the 
> Orbit versions.
>   Instructions about moving can be found in the email below and here:
>   Let me know any problems you run into related to these changes and I

> will work to solve them ASAP>
> -Tom
> Tom Ware wrote:
>> Hi All,
>>   As part of our 1.1.1 release we are transitioning to use Orbit to 
>> get any shared dependencies for EclipseLink projects.
>>   Orbit is the Eclipse project that manages shared dependencies.
>>   This means that people developing using the Eclipse projects that 
>> are checked in to our SVN repositories will have to make some changes

>> to their workspaces. You will remove the following projects from your

>> workspace and replace them with the ones from Orbit.  (Instructions 
>> below the list)
>> javax.activation (1.1.0)
>> javax.mail (1.4.0)
>> javax.servlet (2.4.0)
>> javax.xml.bind (2.0)
>> javax.xml.rpc (1.1.0)
>> (1.0.1)
>> org.apache.ant (1.7.0)
>> javax.wsdl (1.6.2)
>>   Here is how you make the change:
>> 1. Temporarily disable "Build Automatically" in the Project menu
>> 2. Remove any of the above libraries you have in your workspace (you 
>> don't need to check the "Remove from Disk" check box to do this)
>> 3. Create a repository connection to the orbit repository (CVS URL is

>> :pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/cvsroot/tools).  Do this by adding

>> the CVS repositories view in your Eclipse and right clicking to add
>> 4. Navigate to HEAD/org.eclipse.orbit/<your_project> .  (where <your 
>> project> is  the library above
>> 5. Check your project out into your workspace. Note that the project 
>> will be empty. (this is ok)
>> 6. In the Navigator (or Package Explorer, etc) right-click on the 
>> project and choose Replace With -> Another Branch or Version... and 
>> select the branch that you want to work with. (the branch names are 
>> the versions) The version next to the library name above is the one 
>> you want
>> If you have any problems, let me know.
>> If you are not running the eclipse IDE, CVS can be used through the 
>> URL listed above to get the same libraries.
>> Note: The versions of these projects that are checked into SVN will
>> disappearing soon, so making these changes now ensures you will not 
>> have trouble when we upgrade versions of these libraries.
>> -Tom
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