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RE: [eclipselink-dev] [Fwd: [Bug 248999] 17 JPA tests fail while running against GlassFish]

   Your change looks good to me - thank you, does it run OK.

Line 1676-1687
- So that we are inside a transaction you, 
  reversed the order of em.createQuery("DELETE..."); and beginTransaction(em) 
  to em.beginTransaction; em.createQuery("..

- The rest of the change moved all em.beginTransaction and em.createQuery calls inside the try/catch blocks

Q) You mention 2 places where the order of beginTransaction and createQuery was reversed for the fix - I only find one in the diff in internalTestReadTransactionIsolation()
Also the latest version of the build looks to be already fixed for both instances.
I see the following in the build (rev 2450) - it looks like it has already been fixed after your diff was generated.

    protected void internalTestReadTransactionIsolation(boolean shouldOriginalBeInParentCache, boolean shouldUpdateAll, boolean shouldRefresh, boolean shouldFlush) {
        String firstName = "testReadTransactionIsolation";
        // make sure no Employee with the specified firstName exists.
        EntityManager em = createEntityManager("fieldaccess");
            em.createQuery("DELETE FROM Employee e WHERE e.firstName = '"+firstName+"'").executeUpdate();

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Please do review the patch for Bug#248999 and let me know if any changes 
are supposed to be  made.


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