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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Ant dependencies

Guy Pelletier wrote:
EclipseLink developers,
As an FYI, I just ran into couple issues while trying to build-test on my machine.
1 - Apparently we have a dependency on ant 1.7.1, so if you are still using 1.6.5, you will need to update your ant version. By not upgrading, ant build-test no longer works since dbws.test requires jdk 1.6+ and ant 1.6.5 knows nothing beyond jdk 1.5.
2 - Also, you'll need to comment out line 168 from the trunk build.xml if you are not using mysql. dbws.test currently has a dependency/assumption that you are using mysql and if you are not, you'll get other unexpected errors.
To be precise - Ant 1.7.0 is the minimum

and I'm fixing the dbws.test stuff as I type ...

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