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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Re: SVN top level repository changes. ~ 70 Kb/sec

MICHAEL.OBRIEN@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Some statistics for reference to help out.

	Transfer Rate looks to be around >> 50-90 Kb/sec << via the us proxy.

	- no noticable difference from the rate over the last 4 months (Ganymede 3.4 M5-RC1) and the 3 months before that 07/12->08/02 (Eclipse /1.5.3)

	I can't speak for subclipse - I stopped using it 9 months ago, I only use the TortoiseSVN 1.4.8 UI client and the subversion 1.4.6 command-line client outside of eclipse, without taking into account concurrent updates by other views....

	The peak rate is around 50 files per second when creating a new view with small java files ~= 50 Kb/sec.
	The rate slows to around .1 files per second for zips of around .5 MB like the util/jaxb _ones_ == 50 Kb/sec 

	Total duration for a full SVN checkout is 11:22 -> 11:40 == 18 min for 15609 files 99 Mb (reduced by deleting all generated .svn dirs from 201 Mb (32487 files))  ~= 92 Kb/sec 
	The [us] proxy has only had a problem once in the past 60 days for myself and seems fine. 

	thank you
I too am using the us proxy, but the highest I ever seen it is ~ 14Kb/sec.
A full SVN checkout of trunk is 1 hour.

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