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RE: [eclipselink-dev] Re: SVN top level repository changes. ~ 70 Kb/sec

Some statistics for reference to help out.

	Transfer Rate looks to be around >> 50-90 Kb/sec << via the us proxy.

	- no noticable difference from the rate over the last 4 months (Ganymede 3.4 M5-RC1) and the 3 months before that 07/12->08/02 (Eclipse /1.5.3)

	I can't speak for subclipse - I stopped using it 9 months ago, I only use the TortoiseSVN 1.4.8 UI client and the subversion 1.4.6 command-line client outside of eclipse, without taking into account concurrent updates by other views....

	The peak rate is around 50 files per second when creating a new view with small java files ~= 50 Kb/sec.
	The rate slows to around .1 files per second for zips of around .5 MB like the util/jaxb ones == 50 Kb/sec 

	Total duration for a full SVN checkout is 11:22 -> 11:40 == 18 min for 15609 files 99 Mb (reduced by deleting all generated .svn dirs from 201 Mb (32487 files))  ~= 92 Kb/sec 
	The [us] proxy has only had a problem once in the past 60 days for myself and seems fine. 

	thank you

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Hi Mike,

  I've only had one other report of slowness with SVN, and I just wrote 
that person to ask about their SVN client version.  What kind of 
slowness are you seeing?  Is the commit grinding for about 15 minutes 
and then instantly finishing ok?

We don't have any plans to upgrade our subversion install, but if this 
is going to become an issue for committers then I don't see that we'll 
have much choice.


Mike Norman wrote:
> Matt:
> A bunch of us here are having SVN slow-downs after moving to Ganymede.
> We have been using Subclipse and the previous version (1.2) doesn't 
> work with
> the GA version of Ganymede. The only version available on the Tigris 
> web-site
> is version 1.4 which is linked to a Subversion 1.5 client library. We 
> also use Tortiose
> on our WinXP boxes and since you can't have 2 different clients 
> writing to the .svn
> directories, we also upgraded it too.
> Anyway, it appears that the Subversion 1.5 client libraries used by 
> Subclipse and
> Tortiose are working much MUCH slower to the Eclipse SVN server. I am 
> guessing
> that it is still running Subversion 1.4? Have you had any other 
> reports of such slow downs?
> Are there any plans to move to Subversion 1.5 on the server?
> Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated,
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