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[eclipselink-dev] Bug Council etc..

As discussed in last weeks meeting, we are going to start having bug councils.

In preparation for this, Doug and I have done some scrubbing of the bugs, and added a new target - future.

Here is how I propose that the process is going to work: (suggestions welcome)
	- Untargeted bugs are going to be reviewed by bug council on a weekly basis (current proposed time is directly after weekly status meeting (2:30 ET on Wednesdays).
		- A milestone will be set - or set to future
		- Bug may get assigned
	- When you enter a new bug, leaving it untargeted means that the bug council will review to decide which release it is targeted for.
	- If you know which milestone the bug will be fixed in, assign it accordingly.
	- The new target - future - is for bugs that don't have a target yet.

I have mass-updated all the untargeted bugs to have a target of future.  Component Leads, please take a quick look over them and untarget those that you believe need to be reviewed for inclusion in 1.0, 1.0.1, or 1.1.
Also, I have left alone any bug that is currently assigned to someone (ie - I did not target it to the future).  If you are in the list of people who has an untargeted bug assigned the them, please review before bug council.  If it something that you are currently working on - target appropriately, if not unassigned and move it to future (or unassign and leave it untargeted if you are unsure and want BC to look at it).  You can find the untargeted query here: - under "Open Bugs with no target milestone".

We will have the first Bug Council this Wednesday.

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