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[eclipselink-dev] RE: New Components in EclipseLink

EclipseLink Developers,
The Eclipse Webmaster has setup the generic inbox email addresses for the new components. If you are interested in receiving notifications for all bugs on a component go into the Eclipse bugzilla preferences and under 'Email Preferences' you can add the default owner of the component to the User Watching list.
Name Description Default owner
DBWS Provides a web services capability for exposing underlying relational database as a webservice eclipselink.dbws-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
Documentation Documentation available on the web site and through the Wiki eclipselink.documentation-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
EIS Support for mapping Java POJOs onto non-relational data stores using the Java Connector Architecture(JCA) API eclipselink.eis-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
Examples Set of runnable examples illustrating the use of EclipseLink functionality and integration. eclipselink.examples-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
Foundation Common code and infrastructure used across all other components
ORM Object-Relational mapping framework with support for the Java Persistence API(JPA) eclipselink.orm-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
OXM Object-XML mapping framework with support for the Java API for XML binding(JAXB) eclipselink.oxm-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
SDO EclipseLink's Service Data Objects (SDO) implementation eclipselink.sdo-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
Utils Set of utilities to assist with the usage of EclipseLink. eclipselink.utils-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx

IMPORTANT: Prior to the 1.0 release we have to make some additional component name and default owner changes. We will be changing:
ORM (eclipselink.orm-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx)  -> JPA(eclipselink.jpa-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx)
OXM (eclipselink.oxm-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx) -> MOXy(eclipselink.moxy-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx)
and hopefully we will be renaming the bug component in bugzilla from EPS(EclipseLink) to just be EclipseLink. I am not sure when this will happen but I am sure it will break any bookmarks you have as well as any saved queries. If anyone has any concerns about these 3 naming changes please speak up now. I will leave it until next week before making the formal request.

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