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[eclipselink-dev] New Components in EclipseLink

Technology PMC,
We would like to add some new components to the Eclipse Persistence Services Project to better represent our various functional areas and enable easier bug filing and tracking in bugzilla.
Can you please approve the creation of these 4 components:
Service Data Objects (SDO) implementation.
The implementation already exists in the repository as part of the initial source contribution (CQ 1604)
A set of utilities to assist consumers with their use of EclipseLink. These utilities include migration from other ORM solutions, test clients, and the standalone Mapping Workbench.
The migration utility's package-renamer functionality was contributed as part of CQ 1604 and the workbench was contributed under CQ 1792
This component is intended to enable the tracking of bugs and future enhancements against the large quantity of documentation that we are managing in the Eclipse wiki (
One of the key success criteria of a runtime framework is providing access to a rich set of examples that consumers can try to quickly gain knowledge of how the various persistence services and features work. This component will deliver a comprehensive set of examples maintained and tested for each milestone and release.
Doug Clarke
EclipseLink Project co-lead

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