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Re: [] Planning the release dates for Oxygen.0 and Neon.X update releases

On 2016-07-05 09:57 AM, Daniel Megert wrote:
> Ah, that makes sense. On the other hand, I think most of this movement was implicit in the decision to go to 4 releases a year, right?

Yes, at least for the planning council and those involved. I think we need to start to communicate this more aggressively. I'm not sure everyone is aware of this yet.

+1. Please let me know if there is anything I or the EMO team can do to help with the communication.

FWIW the following was included in the 2016 annual report which was just published:
Simultaneous release cadence: The Eclipse community has for many years shipped a simultaneous release in June, followed by two update releases in September and and February. For many years the update releases were expected to contain only bug fixes and minor enhancements to the projects included in the June release. Developers today expect a faster release cadence, and as a result starting with the Neon release in June 2016 the simultaneous release will be followed by quarterly updates (e.g. Neon.1 in September 2016). More importantly, new projects may join, and participating projects may add new features or APIs to update releases. This will help the Eclipse community get enhancements and few features to our users faster.

Mike Milinkovich

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