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[] Planning the release dates for Oxygen.0 and Neon.X update releases

I've updated the wiki with some *proposed* Neon.x and Oxygen.0 dates.

Some questions/concerns are listed below. Here's a summary of the
release (GA) dates.

Neon.X GA dates are:

Neon.1: 09/23*
Neon.2: 12/16**
Neon.3: 03/17***

Oxygen.0 milestone dates are:

M1: 08/16
M2: 09/30*
M3: 11/11
M4: 12/16**
M5: 02/03
M6: 03/24***
M7: 05/05
RC1: 05/19
RC2: 05/26
RC3: 06/02
RC4: 06/09
GA: 06/21

* - This means we have Neon.1 released the week before we release
Oxygen.0.M2, which provides some buffer/breathing space.

** - But for Neon.2 and Oxygen.0.M4, they're slated to land on the
same date - Dec 16. We could push one a week later but that's
dangerous with holidays affecting developer availability. Therefore,
we might need to move one of those a week earlier. If so, which one --
Oxygen.0.M4 or Neon.2?

*** - The other possible conflict is around Oxygen.0.M6, which drops
around the same week as Devoxx US (2017/03/21 to 03/23), JDK 9 GA
(2017/03/23), and the week after Neon.3. Should we move that one too,
or is having Neon.3 just before Devoxx and M6 right after it a
reasonable approach? (We could switch them and even add another week
for Neon.3, since it's the LAST update for Neon and needs to
definitely work with JDK 9. Therefore: Oxygen.0.M6: 03/17 or 03/24;
Neon.3: 03/30.)


Another thing we could do is move the GA dates for the update releases
to Wednesdays instead of Fridays, so there can be a better marketing
splash mid-week.

What do you think?

Nick Boldt :: JBoss by Red Hat
Productization Lead :: JBoss Tools & Dev Studio

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