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Re: [] Reminder of first Wednesday meeting:9/2, 12 noon

On 2015-09-03, 2:33 AM, "
on behalf of Max Rydahl Andersen"
< on behalf of
manderse@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>On 2 Sep 2015, at 21:47, Doug Schaefer wrote:
>> My actual proposal, which wasn¹t captured, at this point is to move
>> the September release to October to make it evenly spaced but 3
>> releases per year. Projects should be free to release service releases
>> at any time if we can share how to update individual projects with
>> Check for Updates.
>Unless p2 suddenly upgraded its voodoo powers this won't work for
>anything inside an EPP package afaik.
>And if we want to do this there is a big difference in performance and
>downstream side effects if we allow updates of individual components
>into the main release updatesite (i.e. in worst care I for one would
>have to tell users to stop using it and use our mirror instead if they
>want to be sure our plugins will work on it).
>If the suggestion is just as what been possible before (egit releasing
>updates into their own updatesite) then that is fine.

The correct method is part of the ³sharing² process I mentioned. I hear
anecdotal evidence that projects have managed to get this working with EPP
packages but I haven¹t heard the details.

I was pretty clear that I was talking about ³Service Releases² as
candidates for this process. Service releases are bug fix releases that
the projects have deemed important enough to put a release together
instead of playing with the next minor release. Not sure why you wouldn¹t
want users to get them.


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