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Re: [] Reminder of first Wednesday meeting:9/2, 12 noon

I’d remove the “Similar to Doug’s proposal”. I never proposed 4 releases per year (and I still don’t think I like it). I had originally proposed 6 month cycles but not sure that meets the requirement of releasing as often as we need and is at this point a step backwards from our current 3-5-4 cycle.

My actual proposal, which wasn’t captured, at this point is to move the September release to October to make it evenly spaced but 3 releases per year. Projects should be free to release service releases at any time if we can share how to update individual projects with Check for Updates.

Just clarifying my position. The front runner seems to be four releases per year. But I’m not going to take credit for it ;), other than to avoid releasing in the second half of December.


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I have written my notes in the meeting agenda.

Please correct any errors or omissions.


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We need to discuss scheduling for next year, and any new requirements.
I don't expect to finish either topic,
but believe we can begin to get more specific.


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