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Re: [] Reminder of first Wednesday meeting:9/2, 12 noon

On 2 Sep 2015, at 21:47, Doug Schaefer wrote:

My actual proposal, which wasn’t captured, at this point is to move the September release to October to make it evenly spaced but 3 releases per year. Projects should be free to release service releases at any time if we can share how to update individual projects with Check for Updates.

Unless p2 suddenly upgraded its voodoo powers this won't work for anything inside an EPP package afaik.

And if we want to do this there is a big difference in performance and downstream side effects if we allow updates of individual components into the main release updatesite (i.e. in worst care I for one would have to tell users to stop using it and use our mirror instead if they want to be sure our plugins will work on it).

If the suggestion is just as what been possible before (egit releasing updates into their own updatesite) then that is fine.


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