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Re: [] Shorter release cycles (cont...)

Yes, the proposal is that there are no more synchronized service releases.
Every release, is a minor release, every three months. June to Sept and
then keep on that three month cadence. Or move it around a bit so one of
the releases doesn’t end up in the December holiday season.

no following what "no more synchronised service releases" mean ?

so no more bugfix only releases or ?

There has not been "synchronized service releases" for a long time now. Some projects may 
have decided to use the Fall / Winter release to release "bug fix only updates" to their users, but
from the point of view of the Planning Council, this was not a mandate. So the proposal is
just to fix the name of Fall / Winter releases to better reflect the current reality.

sure - but isn't that why the PMC is supposed to be involved if you plan
to something beyond bug fixing for the SR's ?

We are only talking about the train here. Projects may have their own
rules and regulations about releases (and their own schedule), and the PMCs
for those projects can set whatever rules they want. But for the simultaneous 
release train, projects are not required to release SRs (bug fixes only) during the 
fall / winter release (they can if they want to, but they are not required too). 


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