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Re: [] Shorter release cycles (cont...)

If we did that we would stagnate even further (at least from perspective
of being an IDE, not only a platform).
I think that is a bad thing.

I believe we should be able to include controlled and managed feature
additions. I believe all IDE's
does that these days.

i.e. like I believe egit have done in past - and that I believe CDT
plans to do for things like

Yes, the proposal is that there are no more synchronized service releases. Every release, is a minor release, every three months. June to Sept and then keep on that three month cadence. Or move it around a bit so one of
the releases doesn’t end up in the December holiday season.

no following what "no more synchronised service releases" mean ?

so no more bugfix only releases or ?

The importance is wether these releases are included and made available
from the release train
updatesite in a way that makes it possible for users AND consumers
participating in the release
train to actually work with them.

I have been told that projects can do service releases in their update
sites and that those would get picked up on a Check for Updates if things are set up correctly. Whether that’s true or not, we need to confirm.

This is illogical.

If we are releasing the release train then check for updates should only pick up changes from the release train, not "random" updates on these component sites update sites ?

Well, for me the simple option is to do these at SR releases timeframe.
But as I think is the case today - if you add something that breaks
in the release train you need to provide due warnings and the PMC can
decide to
reject if it too much problems.

I think we need to be more formal than that. Allowing projects to do major releases at any time affects the whole ecosystem. We need to manage that
as a planning council, for the whole train.

sure - but isn't that why the PMC is supposed to be involved if you plan
to something beyond bug fixing for the SR's ?


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