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[] Shorter release cycles (cont...)

Great discussion today!

I really like the direction we are headed, and the idea of a release once per season would make us much more agile.

One technical thing we need to consider is how we will structure the repository. Currently we create a new composite repository every each (for the June release) and add the SR1 and SR2 when they become available. In the next year, we wipe the slate clean and start again with a fresh repository.

If we are moving away from a Release + SR1 + SR2 and moving towards a rolling release, then I don't think we should clear the repository each year. This will make year-to-year updates impossible. 

One suggestion is to create a single composite repository, and store the latest N releases (N=4?). When N+1 is released we then drop the oldest release from list of children (of course we could maintain the update site forever at a permanent URL -- but that would be part of our retention strategy which we have not yet discussed).

Thoughts? And thanks again everyone!


R. Ian Bull | EclipseSource Victoria | +1 250 477 7484 |

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