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Re: [] [] Usage of the New Eclipse Logo

On 30/01/2014 1:26 PM, Pascal Rapicault wrote:
Then how would this protect the brand hijacking if I can take the icon and change it?  Or conversely if we protect it as well, then it seems that we would be complexifying the license of Eclipse itself.

Not at all. That what About files are for.

So my question, are we really hurt by those logos appearing on a truck or elsewhere?


While I'm at it, I have questions about the following sentence:
      > The logo is reserved solely for the use of the Eclipse Foundation and its projects. In particular, the Eclipse project will use the new logo in its unaltered form.
Many companies today use the Eclipse logo here and there on their site to promote that they are selling consulting, training (e.g. sell training on modeling), and I'm wondering how this change would impact those.

They can use the Eclipse Foundation Member, Built on Eclipse, or Eclipse Ready logos, assuming they meet the guidelines for use. If it turns out that we're missing a logo, we can always add another one.

Hope that helps.

Mike Milinkovich


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