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[] Usage of the New Eclipse Logo

Dear Leaders of the Eclipse Community [Board, IP Advisory Committee, Architecture Council, Planning Council]

As most of you are aware, Ian and the team have been working hard on creating a new Eclipse Foundation logo.

With a new logo comes an opportunity to enhance our logo guidelines to ensure that our logo is used solely to identify the Eclipse Foundation and its projects. In particular, we would like to avoid the "brand hijack" scenarios[1] that we have with the current logo. For various historical reasons that pre-date the formation of the Foundation, we have never asserted a very strong policy with regards to the use of the Eclipse logo itself.

Therefore we are considering modifying the Guidelines for Eclipse Logos & Trademarks[2] to explicitly state the following. We invite your timely comments and feedback.
  • The logo is reserved solely for the use of the Eclipse Foundation and its projects. In particular, the Eclipse project will use the new logo in its unaltered form.
  • Eclipse projects will be permitted to create derivatives of the Eclipse logo to uniquely identify their projects. (Current example include the Hudson[3] and Modeling[4] logos. There are many more, including many of what you see on the download page.)
  • Open source projects which are based on Eclipse technologies may request a license from the Eclipse Foundation to create a derivative work from the Eclipse Foundation. 
  • Use of the new Eclipse logo to identify commercial products or services will be forbidden. Of course, the ingredient brand logos for "Built on Eclipse" and "Eclipse Ready" will be updated and made available for use by commercial interests.

Currently, the artwork for the Eclipse logo is made available under the EPL. Under the new regime, the copyright for the artwork would be owned by the Eclipse Foundation, and it would only be licensed as stated above.

Your feedback would be appreciated!

Mike Milinkovich

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