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[] Exception for Jubula project to be added late to Indigo build

Hi all,

sorry to bother you and it's kind of embarrassing but we need to ask for an Exception to be added (very) late to the build process.

We've been working on making Jubula release train compliant and just realized that we missed a crucial step in the build, namely the aggregation build.

This was uncovered during a meeting with Markus Knauer where we talked about contributing automated tests to the EPP. To make this tests widely usable it is necessary for Jubula to be part of Indigo.

The build and all other requirements needed for M7 are done/fixed.

We will write and maintain a checklist (on the Eclipse wiki) from our experience with joining the releases train which contains the necessary steps and persons involved in the process.



P.S.: I vote +1 for the exception ;-)

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