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Re: [] Exception for Jubula project to be added late to Indigo build

If you read the mail below you probably expect a +1 from me and here it is...

Please note that the Jubula project is already part of the simultaneous release. The team asked for inclusion last December and what's even more important, they fulfil most if not all requirements, especially the hard ones (you know, going through the IP process and producing a p2 repository with signed bundles on our Hudson). When I met them today I had to learn that some things that are obvious to us are not so obvious to people new on the train, e.g. how we build our common p2 repository and which steps are required for new projects to be included.

So this exception process request is mainly a request for being able to contribute what's already there in an open and transparent way to the Indigo p2 repository, it is just the final step that was missing until today.

Regards, Markus

On 28 April 2011 19:17, Achim Lörke <Achim.Loerke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

sorry to bother you and it's kind of embarrassing but we need to ask for an Exception to be added (very) late to the build process.

We've been working on making Jubula release train compliant and just realized that we missed a crucial step in the build, namely the aggregation build.

This was uncovered during a meeting with Markus Knauer where we talked about contributing automated tests to the EPP. To make this tests widely usable it is necessary for Jubula to be part of Indigo.

The build and all other requirements needed for M7 are done/fixed.

We will write and maintain a checklist (on the Eclipse wiki) from our experience with joining the releases train which contains the necessary steps and persons involved in the process.



P.S.: I vote +1 for the exception ;-)

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