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[] Reminder of our next meeting: Wednesday, 4/6, noon Eastern

Sorry for the late reminder, but we have a short agenda [1], unless someone wants to add something? (And, if so, please do).

Besides coming to agreement on the Juno high level dates, please review the proposal regarding 4.2 vs. 3.8 for Juno [2].  I'd like to
  a) confirm there is consensus on overall proposed plan (consensus on Planning Council, that is), and
  b) see if there are other assumptions we should make explicit, or improvements in wording, before "publishing" the proposed plan



From:        John Arthorne <John_Arthorne@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        04/05/2011 08:56 AM
Subject:        [] Regrets for tomorrow
Sent by:

According to our calendar there is a planning council call tomorrow. Unfortunately I will be travelling at that time so I won't be able to attend.

One minor thing I would to figure out is tentative Juno release dates for planning purposes. I throw out these suggestions but ultimately whatever the council decides is fine with me:

Juno: June 27, 2012

Juno SR1: September 28, 2012

Juno SR2: February 22, 2013

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