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Re: [] Time for a run-off vote

Thanks for the applause :) but don't think we can use our own fatigue to call off a run off ... my concern is that we said we would have one, if there wasn't a clear majority, and I'd fear some may have based their voting behavior on that.

On the other hand, if you are saying, that you think the Planning Council should choose Indigo over Ion even if Ion won in a run-off vote ... well, then that'd be a different matter. And the PC could vote here on this mailing list if that was your motion.


From: Oisin Hurley <oisin.hurley@xxxxxxxxx>
To: "" <>
Date: 05/12/2010 05:15 PM
Subject: Re: [] Time for a run-off vote
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> -1, not that I'm on the council, but I'll try to influence it anyway ;). But
> I'd say we've had enough votes. Indigo is clearly in the lead, and I need a
> name now as we are planning the next release already and need a name for it.

I'm kinda with Doug on this one - I don't think we need a run-off. David
has expended a whole heap of effort in doing the right thing for this
yearly chore (applause for him) and we may as well call a halt.

We could do a PR system next year for Eclipse JimJams :)

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