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[] Reminder of 12/2 meeting at 12 noon Eastern time

Today is our regularly scheduled first-Wednesday meeting:

You'll note in the agenda I say "review and approve" for two documents .... which I just updated tonight!

So, I won't feel insulted if anyone says "need more time to review before approving".

But, there's not much substantial change from other versions, so maybe you will all have time to feel comfortable with it.

I think of "approval" as meaning two things: 1) you can defend it, stand behind it, and promote it to the projects you represent.
And, 2) you think it is ready for broader distribution to cross-project list. I hope one implies the other,
but I thought it a good way to remind us all that this is a product of the Planning Council ... not me! ... so make sure you agree with it
and consider it "yours".

I'll look forward to the discussion.

Thank you,

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