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[] F2F in June?

Planning Council members,
We have a F2F scheduled for June 19th in Denver but I'd like to get a headcount of how many of you all think we need to have/want to have that meeting? I'm happy to facilitate and attend, but I have the strange feeling that the Ganymede release is actually going quite smoothly and, of course, June 19th will be too late to affected anything anyway.  And perhaps June is a bit early to begin planning for Triton (or whatever the next release will be called)?  Thus I'm thinking we don't need the F2F in June although we should schedule a number of count-down to Ganymede phone calls.

(1) Please RSVP to me by Wednesday the 23rd as to whether you think we should have the F2F in June, and
(2) Please enter good times for a weekly conference call on the Ganymede wiki page (as a least-worst-way to choose a conference call time). 

Once enough people have entered conf call times, I'll see if I can find a best-fit solution and then send out an email scheduling a set of calls.


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