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RE: [] RE: []RE: Eclipse Project AnnouncementandProject Review Schedule

Process is the wrong word (sorry, my emotions are boiling over with this
thing). I really mean plan. I have no idea what E4 is, which is
disappointing to begin with. If it's much different than the current
platform, that will probably accellerate interest in members adding
resources to the current platform. We need to make sure those that want
to, especially those that have attempted to in the past, can contribute
to it.

Doug S.

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> You're right, the planning council list may not be the best place, 
> certainly all the councils and the board itself need to be interested 
> in this.

I can assure you that the board is fully informed of the E4 plans, as a
briefing was given by the team at the December meeting.

> If we're going to have two platforms, we'd better have the processes 
> in place to ensure they get the resourcing necessary to keep them both

> alive.

I am curious. (Really, honestly I am.) What would such a process look
Every project at Eclipse is responsible for figuring out its own
Or they fail. Are you suggesting that should change?

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