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[] RE:[] Eclipse Project AnnouncementandProject Review Schedule

Whoa.  I expected a flamewar on planeteclipse, but not here.

Doug Gaff wrote:
> What is frustrating me about this project proposal

You misread the announcement e-mail.  It is not a project proposal, merely
a new *component* in the existing Eclipse Incubator project.  I admit that
one can easily be confused with the other.

We realized (admittedly, very late) that nobody from the SWT team had
commit rights in the existing Eclipse Incubator project. Creating a new
component in that Incubator project was the fastest way to create a home
for experimental code that we will be demoing at EclipseCon, with write
access to everybody who has been involved so far - people at IBM,
Innoopract, and Code 9.

The key words are "so far" - our hope is to find more people and companies
who would like to work with us on e4.

Could we continue this discussion in a more open forum? The Planning
Council mailing list is not open to everybody; I had to ask nicely to be
added as a subscriber. For example, could a new mailing list be created,
e.g. eclipse-incubator-e4-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx? (I believe we asked for this as
part of the component creation process already.)


Boris Bokowski
Eclipse Platform UI committer
IBM Rational Software, Ottawa Lab

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