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[] RE: Eclipse Project AnnouncementandProject Review Schedule

> - Nobody likes processing Bugzilla bugs.  But it's the way you

Well, I do like Bugzilla a lot, but that's after having
had to use other bug tracking systems... well anyways,
perhaps your statement explains why

  * The "Create the Eclipse 4.0 Plan" bugzilla item felt
    a bit like a black hole of ideas and suggestions at
    times, but no real community discussion:

  * There are some long-running well known Eclipse bugs
    with great suggestions from the community but no 
    real progress:

And as Doug Gaff has pointed out, there are people with
a proven record of patches available... but nobody has
asked them so far...

Anyways, what really surprised me about today's announcement
of an E4 component with initial committer list, was that it
looks like quite some discussions (and rumors even have it
even some prototyping!) has been happening for Eclipse 4.0
without the slightest community involvement.

Not even the Architecture Council has been involved in 
the slightes way with these things (at least not that
I'm aware of it).

Let's make sure this gets better! I'm eager to learn
what's already been baking, and I'd certainly be looking
forward to commit my time and energy into it. 

Let's hear what the current status and thoughts are.
I'm very much looking forward to EclipseCon, but 
perhaps some hints could even be published in advance?

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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