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RE: [] RE: [] Eclipse Project Announcement andProject Review Schedule



That is a really good question. And I hope it was meant seriously, because it is a very important question for the Eclipse community. Diversity on E4 is a “must have” for the future health of Eclipse.


BUT: actions speak louder than words. And that applies to both sides of this question.


Anyone who has the ability to make the very serious time commitment to becoming a committer on E4 should step forward. IBM, Innoopract and Code9 have indicated that they are going to make highly skilled people with significant time commitments available to move this project ahead. It would be wonderful if others, including Wind River, find themselves able to make the same commitment.


I have spoken to the leaders on this project who happen to be from IBM and they have told me that they agree with you. E4 provides an opportunity to raise the diversity on the platform project. Over time, it will be their responsibility to ensure that their actions back that up as well. And yes, that does mean living up to the diversity standard by which all other projects are judged.  


Actions, not words are going to make E4 successful.


At the risk of starting a fight, is anyone else bothered by the fact that this initial committer list is composed almost exclusively of IBM engineers?


It seems that it’s time for the platform project to live up to the diversity standard by which all other projects are judged. Perhaps Eclipse 4.0 is the time to make that change?


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