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[] Schedule for Ganymede EPP Packages

The EPP project has published a plan for the work leading up to Ganymede.   Part of the plan is a schedule to define and build the different EPP packages for Ganymede.   In case you missed it, EPP now has a process for any committer to define an EPP package.


The key dates for the packages are:

1)       March 31 all package maintainers must identify their intent to create a package

2)       April 11 packages must be defined thru a working configuration file

3)       May 9 package content is frozen.

4)       June 25 Ganymede release


The purpose for this schedule is to start building the packages early in the process so testing can begin and the EPP committers have a sense for the level of participation in the different packages.


Please let Markus or myself know if you have any questions or concerns with this schedule.   





Ian Skerrett

Director of Marketing

Eclipse Foundation

613-224-9461 ext. 227



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