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EPP Project Plan

Europa Timeframe

Within the Europa timeframe the EPP will

  • define initial packages for the Eclipse download page
  • build these packages for Windows, Linux-GTK, MacOSX-Carbon
  • building packages depends on working update sites; therefore EPP will run its builds when the Europa build status is green; package updates will be available for release candidates about one day after its release (see Europa wiki page)

Ganymede Timeframe

  • Create a package eco system where package maintainer can add new packages.
  • Integrate the EPP Usaged Data Collector in all packages.
  • Deliver milestone builds and nightly build based on the Ganymede Update Site in time.
  • Set up an automated build process and integrate it with the Ganymatic build.


Feb 22Ganymede M5 (EPP)
Feb 22EclipseCon Memory Sticks (EPP)
Feb 27Europa Winter (EPP)
Feb 29Europa Winter (Public Access)
Mar 17EclipseCon
Mar 20EclipseCon end
Mar 31EPP new packages must be announced on bugzilla by package maintainer
Apr 11Ganymede M6 API Freeze (EPP)
Apr 11EPP new packages and working configuration files available
May 09Ganymede M7 (EPP)
May 09EPP package content feature freeze
May 09EPP package build system feature freeze
May 20EPP release review (UDC)
May 23Ganymede RC1 (EPP)
May 30Ganymede RC2 (EPP)
Jun 06Ganymede RC3 (EPP)
Jun 13Ganymede RC4 (EPP)
Jun 23Ganymede Final (EPP)
Jun 25Ganymede Final (Public Access)

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