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Re: [] A suggested topic for PlanningCouncil Discussion

> And that lesson is that it is impossible to change the perception of the community on what the release trains mean. What I mean by that is that no matter how many times we tell people (including journalists) that the release trains are a bunch of projects which ship together, and that the main focus is on enabling adopters, the broader community resonates back that it is a single release and they expect things to work together. Or at least play nicely together.
> And IMHO the community's opinion wins. At least in the sense that it defines what we are expected to achieve.

Would it be possible to start treating (read: branding, discussing,
promoting, developing, testing) Eclipse Release Trains the way that
linux distros are? Kubuntu is released twice a year, and includes
projects from numerous sources including sourceforge, ubuntu, KDE,
compiz, ... hell, even Eclipse!

If we spin the Trains as if they were distros (and thus the EPP
bundles as if they were distro flavours, like the "server" or
"alternate-install" flavours of *ubuntu), will the media/community
grok that idea?

After all, the server flavour can be turned into the desktop flavour
simply by running apt-get to grab updates. Not all that different from
grabbing the C/C++ EPP bundle and updating it to include JDT or WTP.
(Or, dare I say it, installing XP and then running Microsoft Update
until you have the latest browser, drivers, Service Packs, security
fixes, media player, codecs.... 'Course Update Manager doesn't require
a half-dozen reboots along the way... ;-) )


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