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Re: [] A suggested topic for PlanningCouncil Discussion

John Graham wrote:
Eclipse projects are very
public about on-going progress, and there is a community vote as part of
the release.
Well, maybe. Yes there is a vote, but no, nobody votes most of the time - Anne has to beg the PMCs of the affected projects to vote so that the projects can release. So, realistically, the reviews are not a bar in our current process.
But part
me also feels that it is unfair to projects not on the release train.....
All it means is that they would have to release later in the summer rather than on the exact day. Nobody is saying that non-train projects won't get IP reviewed, just that they might not get it reviewed by June 28th.

Gaff, Doug wrote:
As Doug S points out, EPP is a great step in that direction.  I have no
desire to use the update manager to get the projects I want.  We
shouldn't even support it, IMO.  It's not maintained anymore.
Nice point, Doug and Doug - I like this idea.
If this is strategic to the EMO/Board, then pony up.  The board must
vote on staffing coordinated testing for Ganymede and member companies
must then present their test plans for everyone else to see and judge.
Having the EMO wish it doesn't make it so.  Without commitment from each
member company, there will be no "trickle down" staffing to do extra
cross-project testing.  That is the reality.
Well said.
Otherwise, forget all that
meritocracy crap and just declare that some projects are better and more
important than others.
Doesn't a meritocracy imply that some projects are better than other projects? Isn't that what merit is?

Doug Schaefer wrote:

I think we’ve started something with the EPP packages. I’m seeing these get reviewed in the blogosphere, instead of the individual projects. It may be interesting to focus on them as official Eclipse “products” and have the bar set sufficiently high on them to make them truly product quality. If you’re not in a package, you’re not on the train. Of course that would require us to have product management around these packages to make sure the best components are selected for the market, and to work the requirements with the projects. Just a thought…

I like that idea - make the release train build management open to all projects that conform to minimal build requirements.  Make the packages open to projects that are part of the release train build management and also meet certain quality criteria. (That is what you're suggesting, right?)

Ed Merks wrote:
Maybe I'd better quit before I've annoyed

Ed, that's my role in this organization! How dare you usurp it! :-)

But it makes for very interesting notes though!
Eclipse doesn't just have code, it has drama too!!  What more could you
want from a vibrant community?  Sax and violins perhaps?
I think this discussion has been (and continues to be) very useful and positive. There have been no flame wars, no acrimony, and lots of positive suggestions. Lots of opinions (opinions are always good) on multiple sides of the fence. Lots of discussion. This is great!


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