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[] Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Europa RC2 +2 contributions due tomorrow (Tuesday) and ... ready yet?

The staging site has the RC2 build: we had collectively decided to delay each build by a couple days so that people could test before we rolled to the discovery site (I put it all on the wiki). However, since things are going well and I haven't heard much more about that delay, I'll just roll the staging bits to production right now... there, I've done it - RC2 is on the Europa Discovery site.

I am now beginning the Europa RC3 builds including the license file checker...

Did I miss a note, or am I seeing things wrong, but appears RC1 is still at the Europa Discovery site ... if there's a new date for RC2, maybe I missed it?

But I've been telling everyone to test RC2 from Europa Discovery site, beginning today ... so wondering if I should direct them to 'staging'?

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