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Re: [] Europa Stats

LOC for the platform from is so large due to the large amount of test code in the repository. If I count the LOC checked out of the filesystem during a build, I get a similar number.

The last LOC numbers I have are from John's Eclipse by the numbers which list 2.5M Java LOC  and this didn't include the Equinox project in 2005.

I had problems running Martin's utility so I used this

The numbers for our project,  excluding tests, multiple operating system fragments but including examples are
3610838 Java LOC
267624 XML LOC

The numbers includes blank lines. We don't submit all these features to Europa, but they will be available as part of the 3.3 download.


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[] Europa Stats

Thank you to everyone for sending in your project stats.   Attached are the consolidated results.   I still need to validate the LOC for the Platform, since it seems very high.  Kim Moir is going to help me with that.
FYI, you will notice I rounded-off a lot of the numbers you provided.   I only plan on using the sum of all the numbers, so exact precision was not needed.
Please let me know if I have made any errors that you would like corrected.
Ian Skerrett
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