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[] RE: Mylar IP Policy Statement

I certify that all features and plug-ins of project <project name> contain
the correct legal documentation. Specifically, that the terms and conditions
governing Plug-ins and Fragments are contained in files named "about.html"
and that the terms and conditions governing Features and Included Features
are contained in files named "license.html". I certify that I have reviewed
these legal files for the following features and plug-ins:

org.eclipse.mylar.bugzilla-feature 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.ide-feature 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.jira-feature 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.trac-feature 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar-feature 2.0.0

org.eclipse.mylar 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.bugzilla.core 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.bugzilla.ui 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.context.core 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.context.ui 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.doc 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.ide 2.0.0 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.jira.core 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.jira.ui 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.monitor.core 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.monitor.ui 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.resources 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.tasks.core 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.tasks.ui 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.tasks.web 2.0.0 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.trac.core 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.trac.ui 2.0.0
org.eclipse.mylar.web 2.0.0

Mik Kersten 
Project Lead,

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