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[] Europa RC2 +2 contributions due tomorrow (Tuesday) and news about the RC3 license checker

The Europa RC2 contributions are due tomorrow (Tuesday) (or today, Tuesday, if you're reading this on Tuesday).

I'll do the Europa RC2 build late Tuesday night Pacific time. If it's green, I'll move it to the update site and then switch to the RC3 builds. The RC3 builds will include the "scan for license and about files" which means that the RC3 build will go red until projects roll out correctly license-d/about-ed RC3 releases _and_ send the certification email to the mailing list.


P.S. The "scan for license and about files" checker that I will turn on starting with the RC3 builds checks for:
  • existence of an about.html in each plug-in
  • existence of a license.html in each feature
  • certification statement for each plug-in and feature
- Bjorn

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