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Re: [] Europa Stats


1.        Number of bugzilla requests resolved. = 3813
2.        Number of committers = 13.5
3.        Number of organizations contributing committers = Intel, IBM, OCSystems, Scapa
4.        Number of countries where committers are located. = US, Canada, Israel, Russia, UK
5.        Number of LOC = java=1756011; native=316484

Ian, as you can see, the number of defects resolved after July 1th, 2006 is different from what you have recorded in the xsl file. Your number is almost double than what I have. I tried to understand where the difference is coming from and at this point I can just guess that you query double count some defects modified more than once during this period.
Another thing I noticed while I was investigating the difference between our results is that your query doesn't include only defects resolved post July 2006 - I expect this was the intention looking at your description. It actually includes all defects that were changed during this date, and the change can be anything from adding a comment, changing the target or just closing a defect previously fixed.

See attached a document where I included the TPTP numbers  - see TPTP workbook

Thank you,
Valentina Popescu
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[] Europa Stats

I am putting together a number of stats to help illustrate the size and scope of the Europa release, including:
1.        Number of bugzilla requests resolved.
2.        Number of committers
3.        Number of organizations contributing committers
4.        Number of countries where committers are located.
5.        Number of LOC
With the help of Bjorn and Denis, I have been able to generate data for the first three stats but the last two are more problematic.   Attached is a spreadsheet that I have built containing the detailed information.   The intention is to only highlight and report on the totals, not the individual project stats.   Please let me know if I have made any errors.
I would like to request your help completing the last two stats.   It would be appreciated if someone from each project team could send me:
1)       The number of lines of code for your project; to be consistent and make it easier please just count the total number of lines (comments, blanks and source) in all files.  
2)       The countries where you know committers working on your project are located.
Thanks in advanced for your help.
Ian Skerrett
Director of Marketing
Eclipse Foundation
613-224-9461 ext. 227
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